Road construction consent

Road bonds

A road bond is a guarantee which we can use if a developer's work is not done to our required standard and timescale. We can use the bond money to complete the road properly.

Road bonds are only needed for residential developments.

Bonds can be a financial guarantee or a cash bond.

Regulations and guidance

Submitting a road bond

Financial guarantee

This document should be in the correct format. The original paper document should be submitted to our eProcessing Centre below. This must include a note of your RCC application reference number. The Highland Council prefer if a draft unsigned financial guarantee bond is submitted initially for the chance to comment on issues. The original signed copy will need to be submitted following this review period.

Cash bonds

Please use the details in our Lodging a Cash Bond Notification Form. Once you have transferred the funds to us, you should complete and submit the form through the Portal or in paper to our eProcessing Centre, Headquarters, Glenurquhart Road, Inverness, IV3 5NX.   

We will confirm the funds have been received.

Bond reduction

You can apply to have the value of the bond reduced at these stages:

  • Partial completion
  • Substantial completion
  • Final completion

To apply for bond reduction at any of the stages above, you will need to request an inspection using the Notice of Work Stage Completion form

You must give at least 2 working days notice ahead of the works stage being completed so we can arrange for an inspector to visit the site.

Following Inspection, we will confirm what stage your development is at and confirm whether or not the bond can be reduced.