Quality awards

This annual event recognises the achievement of our staff and the valued contribution they make in our communities. In 2017, we have four award categories. These reflect The Highland Council Programme 2015-2017 and the outcomes and commitments of the Community Planning Partnership.

  • Category 1 Enabling a Community Led Highland
  • Category 2 Delivering for a Well Served Highland
  • Category 3 Achieving a Fairer Highland
  • Category 4 Delivering Efficiency, Earning Income and Improving Services

In addition there will be a Convener's Award recognising excellence across the categories.

There will also be an Outstanding Collaboration/Partnership Award.

In addition there will be four awards that are made by nomination:

  • Employee of the Year
  • Community Nomination
  • Team of the Year
  • Trainee of the Year

Winners from the previous year can be found in our Winter 2016 Highpoints magazine

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