How we are performing

We measure and report how successfully we are meeting our targets in the following ways.

Delivering our programme

"Local Voices, Highland Choices" is our programme for 2017 to 2022 (updated in 2019). It sets out a number of goals based on six themes:

  • A council that champions the Highlands
  • A place to live
  • A place to thrive
  • A place to prosper
  • A welcoming place
  • Your Highland Council

Our Corporate Plan sets out how we will achieve this.

Annual performance analysis

Statutory performance indicators

Statutory performance indicators are set by the Accounts Commission for Scotland. They give basic information to every citizen on how we are performing.

Statutory performance indicators

Community Planning Partnership

This partnership brings together public agencies and key community groups to work with the people of the Highlands to deliver better outcomes. Progress is updated on the Highland Community Planning Partnership website

Corporate risk management

Corporate risks are potential barriers to the council achieving its priorities. These risks have the potential to disrupt large parts of our service. The current list of corporate risks we are managing are set out in our Corporate Risk Register.

Planning and Performance Cycle

Performance management is a continous process at the Highland Council. This involves internal monitoring of performance information throughout the year, as well as public reporting. This approach is set out through our planning and performance cycle.

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