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We are committed to delivering high quality services to the public and being accountable for our performance. One way that this is achieved is through an annual public performance survey. 

The survey is carried out in June and July each year and is now sent to our new Citizens’ Panel. The Panel consists of 2300 people and is designed to be representative of the adult population. The Panel enables us to consult communities about our performance. 


An effective performance management system must include listening to and taking account of the views of interested parties, and using this feedback to improve performance.

The Survey gathers information on:

  • Contact with The Highland Council
  • Satisfaction with services
  • Community Life which includes attitudes to, for example,  community safety
  • Gaelic language
  • Our website

Satisfaction with contact

Citizens Panel members who had made contact with us during the 12 month period preceding the 2017 survey were asked to rate the service they had received on a number of aspects including helpfulness of staff, waiting times, and satisfaction with service given.

Overall satisfaction with services

73 per cent of respondents were satisfied overall with Council Services. This score is the same as last year, but lower than 83 per cent in 2014/15. Participants were also asked if they were more or less satisfied with our services than they were last year. 69.2 per cent of participants stated that their level of satisfaction had increased or remained about the same

Participants were asked whether we had exceeded their expectations. In 2017, 8 per cent said that the Council either greatly or slightly exceeded their expectations, 56 per cent stated is about what they expect, and 36 per cent stated that the Council falls slightly or a long was short of their expectations.

Important qualities for a Council

In terms of our qualities, the most important to respondents are that we:

  1. Maintain good quality local services
  2. Provides value for money
  3. Listens to local people
  4. Is efficient
  5. Treats all residents fairly

Views on importance of services

Respondents were also asked which services they considered to be the most important.

The top ten services in terms of the public’s perception are:

  1. Roads repairs and potholes - 55 per cent
  2. Winter road maintenance - 42 per cent
  3. Refuse and bin collection - 27 per cent
  4. Primary Education - 24 per cent
  5. Public Parks and other open spaces  - 21 per cent
  6. Secondary Education - 19 per cent
  7. Swimming Pools - 17 per cent
  8. Recycling Facilities - 16 per cent
  9. Care at home services - 15 per cent
  10. Libraries - 14 per cent

Handling of complaints

For respondents who during the past year had made a complaint to us in the last 12 months, 25 per cent were very or fairly satisfied with how they were handled, a decrease from 34 per cent the previous year.

Community life

Participants regard their neighbourhood or community as a very or fairly good place to live at 98.1 per cent.  There has been a decrease to 39.4 per cent for those who are "very" or ""slightly" worried about being a victim of crime (in general). 

71.2 per cent of respondents believe that the area where they live provides them with at least some sense of belonging to a community. This is an increase on the 68.3 per cent recorded in 2012.  We ask this question every 3 years and will next ask this question in 2018.

For the questions about the Gaelic language, 77 per cent of respondents said we have strengthened the profile of the Gaelic language.

The levels of volunteering continue to remain consistent at 38 per cent, with an increase to 78 per cent, for those who do so several times a month.  We ask this question every 3 years and will next ask this question in 2018.

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