Public toilets in Highland

Highland Comfort Scheme

We are working with local services such as pubs, hotels and community services to allow the public to use toilets whether or not they are customers.

The scheme provides clean, safe and accessible public toilets in convenient places for residents and visitors. Many offer wheelchair access and baby changing facilities.

Comfort Scheme partners

Services that want to join the scheme are paid a small annual fee to open up their toilets for public use. This fee depends on how many people visit your toilets, the standard and types of facilities you have, and your opening hours. Members of the public should not need to buy anything from you.

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Community partnership

We are looking for community councils, local groups, businesses and others in the community to get involved in either a comfort scheme or community partnership

Payments will be between £100 and £300 a month depending on a scored assessment of facilities. There should be ladies and gents toilets, disabled access or separate facilities plus baby changing.

Standard terms and contract

The benefits of being involved in the scheme include

  • You will be helping to provide a valuable service to your local community and visitors to your area which will be advertised on our website and through our social media pages
  • You will get an annual payment
  • You can charge up to 50p or install honesty box for voluntary contributions
  • It could lead to more trade for your business or facility through people using the toilet then going on to buy products from you
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