Highland Council public toilets

Our public conveniences are highly regarded by the communities of Highland. The facilities contribute to the Highland tourist economy and provide an essential amenity for residents, businesses and visitors. Locations and facilities of the public conveniences can be viewed on the map below. Other public organisations, community groups etc sometimes run public toilet facilities. If you have comments or complaints about a facility that is not listed on this website then it is not maintained or owned by The Highland Council.

We aim to have the Highland Council Public Toilets opened 24/7, however in some cases we may need to change the hours or close a toilet temporarily due to operational issues and Vandalism.

Map of public toilets in Highland

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Radar Key Accessible Toilets

The Highland Council offers toilets which can be accessed by the NKS/RADAR keys.

Comfort Scheme

We work with external organisations to expand the provision of public conveniences in Highland through our Comfort Scheme grant programme. The scheme provides grants to pubs, restaurants, hotels and village halls to allow public use of their toilet facilities. The public convenience provision map details which facilities are offered through the Comfort Scheme grant programme.

Find out more information on becoming a Comfort Scheme Provider including grant details.

Outdoor Toilet Tips

  • Follow this advice to protect the environment, respect others and reduce health risks
  • Carry hand sanitiser and use once finished with your business
  • Carry a disposable bag for used wipes/paper/personal hygiene products and dispose of responsibly
  • When you wee do it 30 metres from any water source

Mountaineering Scotland also provide guidance on where to go in the great outdoors.