Nature Restoration Fund

About the fund

The Nature Restoration Fund (NRF) is a capital fund designed to support new projects, or to enhance existing approaches, to restore biodiversity.

The newly established Scottish Government fund with a total allocation of £10 million, is additional support to help fund projects that will deliver nature restoration, safeguard wildlife, and tackle the causes of biodiversity loss due to climate change.

£5 million of the Nature Restoration Fund has been allocated to include a competitive small project fund of £1 million to be distributed by NatureScot (with the remaining £4 million going directly to establish nature restoration projects across Scotland) and the remaining £5 million has been allocated to Local Authorities.

The Highland Council have committed to use £200,000 awarded to them to run a small grants programme for capital projects below the minimum grant threshold offered by NatureScot and that deliver the following aims:

  1. Making Space For Nature (nature based solutions for biodiversity and climate change); and
  2. Helping Nature Recover (biodiversity enhancement, climate resilience and reinstatement).