Community planning

Health Inequalities and Physical Activity Group

The health inequalities theme group brings partners together to tackle the root causes of health inequalities. Its purpose is:

  • To develop an overview of work and funding to reduce inequalities in health across Highland
  • To develop a work programme, or recommend specific actions, on reducing health inequalities to individual agencies or the Community Planning partnership (CPP) Chief Officers Group, as required
  • To monitor key information that will indicate whether we are being successful in reducing health inequalities in Highland
  • To provide strategic direction and oversight of the elements of the preventative spend funds for deprivation that focus on a place based approach to reducing health inequalities
  • Link with the other theme groups to support action to reduce  inequalities as a cross cutting theme within the CPP

The group has a number of sub groups working on specific issues which contribute to the work to reduce health inequalities including:

  • Health, housing and homelessness group
  • Welfare reform partnership group
  • Fuel poverty group

The theme group is also responsible for overseeing the development of a new Active Highland strategy for Highland and currently has a sub group whose remit is to develop the strategy.

For more information on the Health Inequalities and Physical Activity Group visit the Highland Community Planning Partnership website.




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