Fraud and Irregularities

Types of fraud

We are committed to developing an anti-fraud culture among our employees and the public. We have a dedicated Corporate Fraud Team in place specialising in the investigation of alleged frauds and irregularities. We want to make sure that fraud is prevented wherever possible and where detected, it will be thoroughly investigated. 

We no longer investigate Housing Benefit Fraud. Instead it is investigated by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Residents who suspect that someone is committing Housing Benefit Fraud should call the DWP National Benefit Fraud Hotline 0800 854 440.

Examples of the types of fraud we can investigate. 

Non Domestic Rates fraud

  • Not declaring the location of a business
  • Declaring that a property is no longer in use when it is
  • Dishonestly claiming an exemption from paying business rates

Council Tax and Council Tax Reduction fraud

  • Claiming single person discount when there is more than one adult in the property
  • Having discounts and exemptions in place where there is no entitlement
  • Claiming a property is empty when there is someone living there
  • Claiming Council Tax Reduction for a property a person doesn't live in
  • Failing to declare a change in circumstance

Employee fraud

  • Criminal misconduct by a council employee or a contractor
  • Claiming travel and subsistence for journeys that were not made
  • Processing false claims from accomplices
  • Conducting personal work while being paid by the council

Procurement fraud

  • Bidding organisations colluding to agree that they will not bid competitively for a particular contract
  • Employees failing to declare an interest in one of the businesses bidding
  • Employees making false payments or overpayments to businesses
  • Businesses overcharging including, inflating hourly rates and applying excessive mark-up of goods.
  • Businesses submitting false invoices for work not completed, goods not provided and for extra costs deliberately omitted from the original quotation or tender
  • Businesses providing goods and services that are inferior to those specified or expected

Tenancy fraud

  • Non-residence
  • Obtaining council housing by deception
  • Key selling (when a tenant sells their tenancy to another person for a one off payment or reward)

Blue Badge Fraud and misuse

  • using a badge which has expired 
  • using a badge when the badge holder has died 
  • using a badge that's been forged or copied 
  • using a badge that's been lost or stolen 
  • a valid badge that is misused by a friend or relative.


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