Highland profile - key facts and figures


Nature Conservation Designations

 Designation Land area
% of Highland
land area
% of Scotland Total Land Area in Highland
land area
Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)  534,671 20.2     52.4
Special Area of Conservation (SAC)  409,352  15.5  63.4
Special Protection Area (SPA)  464,909  17.6  46.2
National Nature Reserve (NNR)  84,584  3.2  68.7
National Scenic Area (NSA)  542,250  20.5  53.1

Highland comprises 33 per cent of Scotland's land area
Source: Scottish Natural Heritage, September 2012

Forested land cover - approximately 17 per cent of Highland is forested, including over 500,000 hectares of woodland cover of which 70 per cent is productive (coniferous) woodland.


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