Council structure

Housing and Property

Executive Chief Officer (ECO)

Mark Rodgers
Executive Chief Officer Housing & Property


Housing & Property Committee

Service roles / main functions

  • Manages all of the Council’s 14,000 plus houses
  • Provides housing and general advice to housing applicants
  • Homelessness advice and assessment and applications for housing
  • Cleaning, Catering and Facilities Management services to all Council buildings
  • Corporate Landlord, repairs and capital investment services to all Council buildings
  • Asset Management across all Council buildings.

The Housing and Property service manages all the Council’s 14,000+ homes, we aim to provide good quality housing and services to our tenants across the Highlands. A priority in our service is to also ensure the safety and care of the homeless with the Highlands, our team work closely with other services and partners to help those in need.

The Housing and Property service provides Catering, Cleaning and Facilities Management to all Highland Council Schools and buildings ensuring safe, clean and healthy learning and working environments. 

Over the coming months and years, we will be building into our service a Corporate Landlord approach which will enable building rationalisation and potential savings for the Council.