Music tuition

Apply for music tuition

The Instrument Music Tuition Service provides music tuition to pupils in secondary and primary schools throughout Highland.

Playing a musical instrument could benefit your child's wider education in the following ways:

  • Playing an instrument can make you smarter
  • Learning to play can promote good discipline and organisational skills
  • Playing can boost your sense of achievement
  • Learning an instrument can provide life-long skills
  • Instrumental tuition can improve self-confidence
  • Tuition supports and enhances all aspects of curriculum for excellence in schools and the wider community
  • Learning to play is fun and can help relieve stress
  • playing and/or performing as part of a group can build vital social skills in addition to musical ones

Where tuition places become available, the instructor at your child's school will issue application forms which should be filled out and returned to them once complete.

If there are a number of pupils interested in learning, the instructor may see them all as a group until a decision is made about suitability for specific instruments. There may be a few simple tests involved at this stage (especially if there are a limited number of instruments available).

Once decisions have been made about beginning lessons, the instructor will send a pupil registration form home. This form contains information required by the Highland Instrumental Unit and must be returned quickly, as your child will now have entered into a commitment to learn and you will be liable to pay appropriate tuition fees from the tuition start date.

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