Garden aid for elderly or disabled council tenants

Further information

The garden aid scheme has a limited budget and is now fully subscribed for 2024.

Our garden aid scheme has been set up to assist our tenants who are elderly or disabled to keep their gardens tidy in accordance with their tenancy agreement.

Eligible tenants will have their grass cut by our contractors during the growing season, usually from April to October. Our contractors’ working hours are Monday to Friday 8 am to 6 pm.

The standard of grass cutting

The full area of grass in any garden will be mowed using a cylinder or rotary mower up to any paving, fencing or other boundary. The height of cut will vary to suit the garden, but not be so low as to damage the existing grass or surfaces.

The aim is to keep the grass growth under control, rather than to provide a lawn mowing service. Sloping areas may be strimmed where the use of a mower would be unsafe for the operative. If the grass is very long at the 1st cut, the contractors may use a strimmer rather than a mower for this cut.

Grass clippings

The contractor will remove all grass clippings from your garden for disposal.

Objects in your garden

Before cutting any area, the contractor will collect and remove any litter, stones or any other debris to ensure the health and safety of his operatives and the general public.

If the contractor thinks that the grass is unsuitable for cutting, because of dog mess or excessive litter for example, we will discuss this with you so that the problem can be resolved.

If you're unhappy with the service provided

You will be given contact details for the grass cutting contractor who should be able to resolve your query or complaint. 

If they are unable to do this, you should phone our Service Centre or go into your local Service Point with your complaint. 

We will inspect the work and if it is unsatisfactory, the contractor will be instructed to resolve the problem.