Pay your council rent

When you become a tenant, we tell you how much rent you have to pay in the letter offering you the tenancy.

We start a rent account for you and give you a swipe card. Each week we charge your rent to this account and every time you make a payment we show this on your account.

Housing Online

Register to access online services, you can:

  • view rent account balance
  • pay your rent
  • see payments you have made
  • see Housing Benefits
  • see Universal Credit Housing payments
  • and access a paper direct debit to print 

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Missed payments

Other ways to pay

  • You can still pay your rent online without logging onto Housing Online
  • At any cash office or Service Point using your plastic swipe card, debit or credit card. We do not accept cheques
  • At any outlet (including Post Offices) displaying the Paypoint sign using your plastic swipe card, cash, cheque, debit or credit card. Some retailers may not accept cheques. At some outlets, the maximum which can be accepted in any one transaction is £199. If you wish to pay more than this, the amount can be put through in 2 or more separate payments
  • By deduction from salaries or wages (Council employees only)
  • By phoning 01349 886605 and using a debit or credit card on our automated payment line 24 hours a day
  • You can also set up regular payments by Bank Credit Transfer, Tele-banking or Standing Order using your payment reference number and Sort Code 82 70 13 and Bank Account number 10000652