Pay your council rent

Charge free weeks

There are 4 weeks in each financial year when rent is not charged. This means that your yearly rent is charged over 48 weeks instead of 52. If you are paying the full amount due each week you will not need to pay rent over these 4 free weeks.

If you pay your rent weekly by cash, debit or credit card, these are usually two weeks at Christmas and New Year, when our offices are not open and at the beginning of April.

If you pay your rent weekly by Direct Debit or Standing Order, you still get 4 charge free weeks in the year. However, these will be the 4 weeks in March before the end of the financial year in April. You will be sent a payment schedule when you set up a Direct Debit so you can see the dates your rent payment will be collected from your bank account.

If you pay your rent monthly you will not have any charge free periods.

Your monthly rent is calculated as follows: weekly rent times 48 divided by 12 = monthly rent.

If you have missed rent payments, you will be asked to continue paying any agreement to repay the amount owed over the charge free weeks.

If you pay monthly, you must still pay in advance.