Tenant participation

The Scottish Government’s Social Housing Charter sets out the standards landlords need to achieve. The Scottish Housing Regulator monitors and reports on landlords’ performance in achieving these standards.

Tenant Participation first started in the Highlands in the 1990’s, however it was the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 that gave tenants the legal rights to work more closely with their landlord towards the delivery of better services.

We believe that tenant involvement should be positive and active. Consulting and involving tenants in the services we provide is at the centre of what we do. To be successful, tenant involvement relies on effective communication between tenants and the Council and their involvement in the decision-making process. Tenants have played a key role in shaping and monitoring housing services for a number of years and we acknowledge the importance of tenant engagement and consultation to ensure continuous improvement and tenant satisfaction.

Our 2018 tenant satisfaction survey showed that 63 per cent of tenants who responded were satisfied with the opportunities given to them to participate in our decision-making processes. This is still below the Scottish average and we are currently working to develop a model of tenant participation that best suits the needs of our tenants, a model that offers involvement opportunities that are convenient to tenants and offer a personal as well as a collective say. We want to look beyond government expectations and provide greater choice, more incentives, training and development opportunities and increased flexibility in our approach to involving tenants.