Garden aid for elderly or disabled council tenants

Garden Aid - Customer Care Code

  • Grass-cutting will commence in April and conclude in early October. There will be one cut in April, May, September and October.  There will be 2 cuts in June, July and August.
  • If your garden has not been cut within the above timescales, please contact the contractor in the first instance; please note that timescales may be impacted by inclement weather.
  • Normal working hours are between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday. If contractors wish to work outside these hours, they must get your permission.
  • The contractor’s staff will carry identity cards.  These will include a photograph and name of the person and a name and telephone number for checking purposes.
  • Contractors will treat you, your home and garden with respect and consideration. They will protect your garden contents where these do not need to be moved. They will not be allowed to smoke within your home or garden or play a radio or any similar equipment. Similarly it is expected that you will control any pets while a contractor is in attendance.
  • The contractor will pick up any grass clippings and will dispose of these using their vehicles.
  • The contractor may ask you to remove any garden furniture or other belongings to enable them to cut your garden; if you do not then they will cut around the appropriate area.
  • The contractor will not be expected to cut grass where there is dog mess, but they should notify you of this to allow the work to take place once removed.
  • The contractor should not normally require access to electricity supply for the use of power tools. If they need to use your electricity they will agree this with you before they use it.
  • The contractor is responsible for dealing with any complaints in the first instance; if you have any ongoing problems with the grass-cutting service which the contractor cannot resolve, please contact the Highland Council’s Service Centre on 01349 886602.