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Demand and supply – your housing prospects

The supply of housing is greater in some communities and so is demand. This can influence how quickly you get an offer or if you will get an offer at all. You can change your area choices at any time. Make sure your choices are realistic. Use the tool below to help you. We can also advise you on your prospects of getting an offer.

Demand and supply tool

You can also use this detailed table to compare. For example, filter on the property size you are eligible for. Then compare the demand, supply and last year’s vacancies in the different communities. You can find out where Sheltered Housing is located through the Highlands by following this link

Use this example to help you:
“I need a 4 bedroom property in Inverness. What do I do?”

  • At the top of the bed size column, select ‘4+Bed’
  • Look at (or select) all the properties of that type in Inverness City and in Ardersier and surrounding Area
  • Look at supply column – how many properties of that size are there?
  • Look at the demand column - how many people will you be competing with?
  • Think about choosing communities where the supply is high, or the demand is low

Make sure your choices increase your chances. Choose up to 10 letting areas. If you have homeless points, you can choose as many letting areas as you want. 

Other ways to get housing

In many communities, housing is in short supply.  Have a look at these other options.