Apply for a house

What happens next

We may contact you if we require further information. Sometimes we will contact your previous landlord for a reference.

Once we have all the information, we can assess your housing needs and give you a score based on our Highland Housing Register Allocations Policy.

It is important that you tell us of any changes in your circumstances so the register can accurately reflect your housing need.

How houses are allocated

When a house becomes available, the landlord produces a shortlist of applicants from the Highland housing register.

Because people apply all the time, shortlists can change from day to day. This means your position on the list can change.

Based on the points awarded under our policy, each house is allocated to the applicant who has the greatest need for that type and size of house in the community they have chosen.

How long you may have to wait

Staff from any of the partner landlord offices can give you advice on what may be available. This can help inform the choice of areas you make on your application.  For more information, please see our housing prospects page.

Staying on the housing application list

If you have received a letter from us about re-registering, tell us if you want to remain on the list or be taken off.

Re-register to remain on housing list