Choice-based lettings

How to bid for a property

Register your interest in it before the advertised closing date.

You can do this online using the enquiry form or by emailing (see advert). You can also contact the landlord of the property or call into their office.

You can bid for any advertised properties that you are eligible for (i.e. how many rooms your household needs).

Available properties

What happens after the closing date

When the advertising period is over, we shortlist the bidders. We then offer it to the bidder who has the greatest housing need. If bidders have the same need, it goes to the one who applied first.

When you find out if you have been successful

If you’re successful we send you an offer within 7 days of the closing date. If you are unsuccessful you will not hear from us. You will see your deadline in your offer letter. It is generally 2 days.

To accept the offer, call or email us:

If you get more than 1 offer

You choose which offer you prefer and accept it.

If you refuse a property you have been offered

If you refuse an offer twice your application may be suspended for 6 months. If you have homeless points you may lose them.

What happens to my Highland Housing Register application if I don’t bid for a property?

All properties in Caithness (except sheltered housing) are allocated by choice-based lettings. If you do not bid you will not be offered general needs housing in Caithness.

If you have applied for sheltered housing, you may be offered a property. You do not need to bid.

How often properties are advertised

New houses are added daily. We suggest you check each landlord each week. Many are only advertised for a week. Remember, you can get free internet access at any library.