Antisocial behaviour


Whether you're a Council or Housing Association tenant, private tenant or homeowner, you have the right to live safely and peacefully. We work with the police to make sure this happens.

If you are affected by antisocial behaviour

If possible, you or a nominated family member/friend should try and sort out the problem in a friendly way. It may be that the person causing the problems isn’t even aware of it and simply discussing the issues and possible solutions can resolve the situation.

If you feel that the difficulties require a more formal approach:

  • Contact our customer services
  • If you are a homeowner, you may wish to contact the Citizens Advice Bureau or your solicitor for independent advice
  • For criminal activity, for example assault or drug use contact Police Scotland

What we will do when you report issues of antisocial behaviour

Tenancy issues are managed by the landlord in terms of the conditions of the lease between tenants and their landlord. If there is a dispute between neighbours, mediation may be proposed as a solution. Some cases are resolved through engaging with individuals to accept support and sign up to an Acceptable Behaviour Contract that addresses their antisocial behaviour.

If the tenant does not modify their behaviour or that of others visiting their tenancy, action may be taken against the tenant for breach of their tenancy agreement. This could result in applying to the Court to evict a tenant or reduce their tenancy rights.

More complex cases will involve multi-agency discussion to establish the best course of action to address the antisocial behaviour and offer support to the victim. If all interventions fail, and the person is over 16, there may be a need to gather sufficient evidence and proof for the Council or Housing Association to apply to the Court for an Antisocial Behaviour Order (ASBO). An ASBO will restrain a person from behaving in an antisocial way or from engaging in antisocial conduct (including speech) which is likely to cause alarm or distress. Anyone who breaches the conditions set out in an ASBO will face criminal prosecution and possibly prison.