School leavers

Learning choices

Every 16 to 19 year old not in education, employment or training is guaranteed an offer of a place in learning or training under the opportunities for all initiative.

An offer could be one of the following:

  • Full or part time education in school, college or higher education
  • Full or part time employment or self-employment
  • National training programmes such as the Skills Development Scotland employability fund, modern apprenticeships or locally recognised, good quality training
  • An activity agreement
  • Volunteering or gap year

Your school will work in partnership with you and others to make sure that a suitable offer is in place prior to you leaving school.

To help you make learning choices, please visit:

For general information and guidance, visit my world of work.

If you wish to discuss how opportunities for all will apply to you or your child, please contact your school or Skills Development Scotland.