Short-term Let Control Area

Short-Term Let Control Area

In recent years, there has been a rise in the nuber of houses and flats being taken out of full-time occupation and used as short-term accommodation. To address this issue, the Scottish Government introduced new legislation in 2021 to allow Local Authorities in Scotland to designate all or part of their area as a Short-Term Let Control Area.   

At the Highland Council meeting on 9 September 2021 at the specific request of all Ward 20 Members, it was agreed that the Council would pursue the consideration of establishing a Short-term Let Control Area across Badenoch and Strathspey. This detailed consideration was undertaken at the ECI Committee Meeting on 2 December 2021, where a detailed report outlining the issues secondary letting is having across Badenoch and Strathspey was presented. Members thereby agreed to pursue the establishment of the Short-term Let Control Area for Ward 20: Badenoch and Strathspey.

The next stage of this project is the formal public consultation, which is open until 7 March 2022 and you can submit your comments on the proposal by going to the following link:

Submit your comments

**UPDATE 17 February 2021**

It has been identified that if you submitted a response to the consultation prior to 17 February 2022 and noted that you would be happy for the Council to contact you to further discuss your submission, the online form did not have the option of providing contact details.   This error has now been corrected, however, if you did submit prior to this date and you are still content for the Council to contact you, please email quoting your name and contact details and include ‘Short-term Let Control Area’ in the subject title of the email.    

Your responses will be used to inform the decision on taking forward a Short-term Let Control Area for formal designation. While it is the Council’s decision to designate a control area, it must be approved by Scottish Ministers.

We will read and consider all responses we receive to this consultation, before presenting a proposal to the Council Committee. If the committee approves that there should be a Short-term Let Control Area, we will submit the final proposal to Scottish Ministers for their approval.

If a short-term let control area is approved for Ward 20: Badenoch and Strathspey following public consultation by the Council and by the Scottish Government, a dwellinghouse used for secondary letting on a short-term let basis will be deemed to be a "material change of use" which will require planning approval.

However, a Short-term Let Control Area is not a ban on short-term lets, instead it will allow planning policies to be used to assess applications which change the use of a dwellinghouse to this form of use and allow communities and individuals the right to make representations through the planning application process.

The project is supported by the following:

A copy of the Statement of Reasons including a map of the proposed area of designation area will be available at libraries within the proposed Short-term Let Control Area.