Short term lets public register

Information for the public register

In accordance with the requirements of the legislation, the licensing authority must publish a register containing details of all short term licence applications which have been received.

The short term let licensing public register will be published by The Highland Council on at least a monthly basis.

The public register which is published on our website is not a “live” register and it is not automatically updated when a change is made to an application. For example, where a licence application is received or a licence issued, the published register will not be updated automatically and any such change will only be reflected when the next register is published.

The public register contains data based on the information which was submitted by an applicant at the point when they submitted their application form. If the application has been subsequently amended by an applicant, such amendments may not appear on the entry in the public register.

Short term lets public register

Public register codes

Which national park, if any, the short term let property is within

Valid response Code Description
Not in a National Park 01 Property is not within a National Park
Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park 02 Property is within Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park
Cairngorms National Park 03 Property is within Cairngorms National Park

Type of licence

Licence type Code Description
Temporary exemption E A temporary exemption from the requirements to obtain a licence.
Temporary licence T A temporary licence for a duration not exceeding 6 weeks (unless an application for full licence is received before expiry).
Provisional licence number issued on receipt of a licence application P For existing short term let operators who apply before 01 April 2023, but who have not yet received a determination.
First (full) licence F A standard full licence.
Renewed licence R A licence which has been renewed by the applicant.

Status of application

Response Code Description
Granted - no additional conditions 01 Application has been granted, with no additional conditions other than those mandatory conditions which are required by legislation.
Granted - with additional conditions 02 Application has been granted, with additional conditions added along with those mandatory conditions required by legislation.
Withdrawn 03 Application has been withdrawn by the applicant.
Pending determination 04 Application is being determined by the licencing authority.
Revoked 05 Licence was granted, but subsequently revoked.
Lapsed 06 Licence was granted, but has expired without renewal.
Suspended 07 Licence was granted, but has been suspended.
Refused 08 Application was refused licence by Local Authority.
Invalid 09 Application did not contain sufficient information for determination.

Reason for refusal or revocation

Reason Code
Applicant not fit and proper 01
Premises not suitable 02
Planning permission required and not held 03
Cannot secure compliance with any other mandatory or additional licensing authority conditions 04
Other 98