Community Council elections

What is a Community Council ?

Community Councils are voluntary organisations that express the views and concerns of local people within their area across a wide range of issues from new buildings and roads to local services and facilities. 

Every local community can request their local authority to establish a Community Council in their area. 

What is involved? 

The Community Council meets regularly to discuss issues affecting their area, including planning and licensing. All meetings are held in public, and residents are encouraged to attend their local meeting. 

The maximum membership of each of the 156 Highland Community Councils is determined by the population it serves and varies from 7 to 13 members.   

For more information on the roles and responsibilities of a community councillor, please see our Community Council page or view our Frequently Asked Questions.   

Here is the link to a short video on what is a Community Council

How can I apply to be a Community Councillor? 

The Election Office is responsible for running the Community Council elections, which must be held every 4 years.  

Those wishing to stand as Candidate must be: 

  • aged 16 years and over; 

  • a resident within the boundary of the Community Council area;  

  • named in the Electoral Register for that Community Council. 

Follow the link to view the map and search details on your community council. 

Detailed below are the current elections that are scheduled to be held.

Interim Elections – 19 March 2024

Following the deadline for the close of the nominations and withdrawal period, the results and notices of persons nominated for the Community Councils that failed to form in October 2023 and those that had since fallen into abeyance are now detailed below.

Results for Contested Councils

A postal ballot was held for the 3 Community Councils listed below as the number of nominations received exceeded their maximum membership. 

The Candidates with the most votes are now elected to serve on the Community Council and the declaration of results are now declared as follows: -

The live streamed can be viewed below on The Highland Council YouTube channel (external link), and our Twitter / X (external link) and Facebook (external link) channels



Uncontested Councils

19 Community Councils have formed as they did not exceed their maximum membership and therefore no ballot is to be held. 

Councils that failed to form 

The total number of validly nominated candidates was less than the minimum number required and so therefore the following Community Council’s will now be dissolved:

Subsequently to re-establish this community council, twenty or more electors will need to submit a requisition to The Highland Council in accordance with Section 52(7) of the Local Government Act 1973, on receipt of which the Returning Officer shall arrange a date for a further election to be held. Failing such a requisition a further election would be held after the current 4 year term in 2027.

Further Interim Elections

Date for the next scheduled interim election for any community councils that fall into abeyance is to be held in the autumn which may be subject to change due to the UK Parliamentary General election being called. 

Questions or advice

Please contact the Elections Team if you have any questions about the election process.

Tel: 01349 886657