Local Government by-elections

The Highland Council By-election - Election of Councillor

The Highland Council is divided into 21 Wards and elections are administered, centrally, through the Election Office.

A By Election can occur due to a vacancy caused by the death or resignation of an elected representative. It can take place during any of the standard Election cycles, and is subject to the timetable for normal elections. The votes casted in a by-election are counted manually.

Ward 21 - Fort William and Ardnamurchan By Election

A Local Government By-Election will be held on Thursday, 2 December 2021 to fill a vacancy that has arisen in Ward 21 following the sad death of Councillor Ian Ramon, one of 4 Councillors representing the Fort William and Ardnamurchan Ward.

The notice of election and nomination papers are to be published on Thursday 21 October 2021.  A copy of the timetable is now available.