Sustainable schools


The Eco-Schools programme is a sustainable development award scheme running across primary and secondary schools.

Eco-Schools can help to:

  • Improve the school's environment
  • Reduce litter and waste 
  • Reduce energy and water use
  • Devise sustainable ways of travelling to and from school 
  • Promote healthy lifestyles 
  • Encourage active citizenship 
  • Build strong partnerships with a variety of community groups 
  • Develop international and global links

All our schools have been awarded an Eco-Schools (or greater) award since its introduction, with the awards handed out as follows:

  • 152 Bronze awards
  • 148 Silver awards
  • 100 Green Flags 

Our Countryside Rangers are the contact for schools working towards Eco-Schools status.

Green Ambassador library

Books and DVDs are available on loan to promote sustainability. This service is free but collection and return of items is the responsibility of the lender.

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Reducing school waste