Energy and sustainability

Energy Efficient Scotland: Area Based Scheme

The Scottish Government has awarded funding to help us deliver energy efficiency programmes in the Highlands as part of the Energy Efficient Scotland: Area Based Scheme (EES:ABS).

The area based programmes aim to:

  • Target fuel-poor areas
  • Offer insulation measures (Cavity Wall and Loft Insulation)
  • Heat your property through an Air Source Heat Pump
  • Offer solar PV and battery storage

Funding is available from the Scottish Government for the installation of measures.

  • Scottish Government Energy Efficient Scotland: Area Based Scheme (EES:ABS) grant – is based on property eligibility criteria

Air Source Heat Pump, Cavity Wall, Loft Insulation, Solar PV and Battery Storage

These measures are eligible for:

  • Scottish Government EES:ABS grant

An owner's contribution may be required to cover the remainder of the cost for installation.


Keeping you safe is important and we appreciate your continued patience. Regular communication will be issued to those who are in the process of receiving energy efficiency measures delivered under the scheme.

Please note there may be a delay dealing with your enquiry. If you have a question relating to the EES:ABS programme, please contact