Bus Partnership Fund Projects

Connecting Inverness (STAG Appraisal)


We are looking at ways to improve access to Inverness City Centre for residents, businesses, and visitors. The Council plans to deliver an ambitious, modern sustainable transport system by:

  • Prioritising buses on the network, particularly at known congestions points.
  • Creating a transport system that makes multi-modal journeys (using more than one method of transport) easier.

We are working with working with our partners and transport consultants WSP to help Scotland become greener and more sustainable by helping Inverness residents and visitors reduce their transport carbon emissions by providing viable sustainable alternatives to the private car.

The project aims to:

  • Increase the number of bus passengers travelling to, from and through Inverness
  • Reduce the car dependence of suburban and smaller town residents
  • Improve the sustainability of the routes to the city centre

Tell us what you think

We want to understand how you currently travel into Inverness city centre, why you travel this way, and what could make it easier to choose to travel sustainably. The online survey is now closed, your feedback is important as your answers will feed into designs at the next stage.

The information on the study was presented at an in-person public drop-in event at the Spectrum Centre, Farraline Park Bus Station, Inverness , on Wednesday the 14th of December 2022 where members of the study team were available to answer any questions from the Public.


Last update: 07 April 2023

  • 07 April 2023 - Appraisal Report compiled by WSP Consultants and submitted to Transport Scotland for review
  • 14 December 2022 - Public Drop-In Event held in Inverness
  • 5 December 2022 - Online survey closed
  • 20 June 2022 - Consultation and Engagement commenced
  • 6 June 2022 - Initial Appraisal commenced