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Lochaber Area (STAG Appraisal)


Having formally declared a global climate emergency, the Scottish Government committed to an ambitious target of net-zero emissions by 2045. This was encapsulated in law in the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2019.

As part of a Scottish Green Deal to respond to this, the First Minister placed bus at the heart of the 2019 Programme for Government, announcing a landmark new investment. The commitment was to invest over £500 million in improved bus priority infrastructure, to tackle the negative impacts of congestion on bus services and raise bus usage.

The investment will take the form of a Bus Partnership Fund (BPF) for local authorities and the roll-out of infrastructure for the Trunk Road network, to prioritise high-occupancy vehicles, such as buses. The fund will support the development, design and implementation of ambitious and transformational projects that afford significant priority to buses over other forms of motorised transport, improving the punctuality and reliability of bus services.

As part of the BPF, we have commissioned Jacobs to undertake a Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (STAG)-based appraisal of bus based options in and around Fort William.

Lochaber Appraisal Report

Key aims and outcomes of the study will be to:

  • afford significant priority to buses over other forms of motorised transport
  • improve the punctuality and reliability of bus services
  • aid in increasing bus patronage

As part of the study, specific options will be identified and considered against the scheme's objectives. Any options that will clearly fail to meet the studies objectives, or solve any identified problems, will be discarded. All remaining options will be further developed into a reasonable number of broadly defined alternative options or packages of options that will be further considered.

A core component of the study will be to develop the 'Case for Change" report. It will summarise the preferred options and how these, in conjunction with wider initiatives, meet and deliver against stated project objectives and wider outcomes. It will provide:

  • a compelling and evidence-led strategic case for investment
  • a clear and robust option development and assessment process supported by technical evidence and an auditable decision-making process
  • detailed and robust analysis that demonstrates that proposed schemes deliver value for money and are fundable, affordable and deliverable

The study commenced in Autumn 2022 and was submitted to Transport Scotland in April 2023. Please note the current Gateway review process is ongoing and content within the STAG Report may evolve. If you require further information regarding this report please contact us by email to BPFHighland@highland.gov.uk.

Tell us what you think

As part of the transport study within the Lochaber area, an online survey was undertaken focusing on travel by public transport. This survey has now closed and we would like to thank all who participated. 


Last updated: 08 February 2023

  • Autumn 2022 - Study commenced
  • Link to survey added
  • Online survey closed 06 February 2023