20mph Programme

Criteria for assessment

Roads have been assessed against the following ‘Place Criteria’, provided by Transport Scotland, which indicate which 30mph roads are considered appropriate for a reduction to 20mph.

A minimum road length for the speed limit is suggested between 400m and 600m. The length adopted will depend on the conditions at or beyond the end points.

Place Criteria

  • Is the road within 100m walk of any educational setting (for example; primary, secondary, further and higher education)?
  • Does the number of residential or retail premises fronting the road (on one or both sides) exceed 20 over a continuous road length of between 400m and 600m?
    • Other key buildings should also be considered such as a church, shop or school
  • Is the road within 100m walk of any community centre, church, place of worship, sports facility, any hospital, GP or health centre?
  • Does the make-up of road users suggest a lower speed of 20mph will improve the conditions and facilities for vulnerable road users and other mode shift (reflect on future plans such as active and sustainable travel, places for people, consider existing and potential levels of vulnerable road users)?
  • Will the road environment, surrounding environment, community and quality of life impact (for example; severance, noise, or air quality) be improved by implementing 20mph speed limits?

Roads are grouped into 3 categories

  • Green – Existing speeds are suitable for 20mph with signage alone
  • Amber – Existing speeds are such review will be required with a view to further speed reduction measures
  • Red – Existing speeds are high and speed reduction measures will be required

Where amber and green routes are identified discussion will take place with Transport Scotland regarding the cost implications of these routes being included in the 20mph roll out.