20mph Programme

Traffic Order and Road to Permanence

Highland Wide 20mph Scheme Traffic Order Documents

Road to Permanence - Moving to Permanent 20mph Speed Limits

The Highland wide 20mph scheme went live on Monday 31 July 2023, the scheme uses one Council wide Temporary Road Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) which lasts for a period of 18 months.

Significant work will be ongoing throughout the 18-month period this TTRO is live to identify the next steps for permanent implementation of the 20mph speed limits around the Authority.

Data provided by Tracsis and consultation with communities will inform the decision making going forward. Tracsis data can be found on the 20mph Programme webpage. Further speed counts will be taken at over 250 locations around Highland in the Autumn of 2023 to aid the process and assess speed compliance with the new reduced limits.

Full legal statutory consultation has to be undertaken prior to the making of any permanent Road Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) and will therefore be undertaken for this entire Highland wide 20mph limit scheme prior to making of any permanent order.

Options to be considered for each road will be:-

  • temporary 20mph speed limit is made permanent with existing signing and lining only
  • temporary 20mph limit will require additional speed management features in order to become permanent as existing mean average speeds are too high
  • temporary 20mph limit reverts back to a 30mph limit as road is not appropriate for a permanent 20mph limit.