20mph Programme

Decision-making process

  • Following the assessment of 165 existing 30mph speed limits across the Highlands, we have submitted a recommendation to Transport Scotland that 125 sites be included as part of their National 20mph Implementation Strategy
  • The Highland 20mph programme was presented at Economy and Infrastructure Committee on 10 November 2022 - Item 8
  • As well as 20mph signage, other road safety interventions such as electronic signs, lining and some temporary traffic calming features will be trialled during the Temporary Traffic Restriction Order (TRRO) 18-month period
  • Community councils will be surveyed in the coming months for their experiences of the trial, while a public consultation will take place in spring 2024
  • School pupils and parents will also be surveyed to determine if the 20mph has made any difference to their travel to and from school and their social activities in the evenings, weekends and holidays
  • A report will be taken to full Council in late 2024 or early 2025 including detailed evaluation, community council surveys and public consultation, with decisions then made at this meeting on which schemes to retain and which should be removed

Further details

  • Over 125 towns and villages are included in this programme
  • The full details of when signage/lining is expected to be installed in each locality is within the link to each town/village
  • A single TTRO will be in place for the Highland area for the 18-month trial period.

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