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Online service for building standards applications

eDevelopment is the Scottish service that enables users to apply online for planning permission, building warrants, appeals, and a range of other forms, to their local and planning authority.

Before you can use the eBuilding Standards or ePlanning sites to manage applications or submissions, you must first create a user account. Creating an account gives you access to both the and services.

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The following applications can be made using eBuilding Standards

  • Building Warrant
  • Amendment of Building Warrant
  • Extend period of validity of building warrant
  • Extend period of use of limited-life building
  • Temporary occupation or use
  • Discharge or variation of a continuing requirement
  • Notice regarding start of work
  • Notice of work stage completed
  • Notice of intention to use an approved certifier of construction
  • Completion Certificate submission
  • Completion certificate where no building warrant obtained submission

Make a Building Standards Application

For guidance on how to submit a Building Standards application, please click on the following link eBuilding Standards User Guide

Building Standards fees

The Scottish Government increased statutory building standards fees on 1 July 2017 - Details of the changes can be found in The Building (Miscellaneous Amendments) (Scotland( Regulations 2017  and the 3rd Edition, Version 1.5 of the Procedural Handbook .

  • Building warrant fees
  • Fee calculator  - A stand alone tool is available from to assist you in working out the estimated value of works of your building standards application

Details of the various methods of payment we accept can be found on our Planning and Building Standards Payment Options webpage.

Letter of comfort

You may need a letter of comfort for a warrant issued under the former building acts that has expired or for unauthorised building work carried out before May 2005. This application is NOT available for online submission on the portal and you will need to print/complete an application for a letter of comfort and send it to eBuilding Standards, eProcessing centre, The Highland Council, Headquarters, Glenurquhart Road, Inverness, IV3 5NX for processing. There is a charge for this service which is reviewed annually with any fee increase taking effect from 1 April each year. Please visit our Planning and Building Standards Payment Options page for more ways to pay.

From 1st April 2024 are fees are shown below.



For any building work carried out prior to June 2005; the following applies:-

Letters of Comfort (where no Building Warrant was obtained)

This proposal accords with statutory fee levels for Late Building Warrant applications and submissions for Completion Certificates where no BW was obtained.



£799 for works not exceeding £9.3k in value.

Thereafter fee will be based on the national BW fee scale but with a 200% penalty added for Late BW applications. A 300% penalty will be applied for Completion Certificate Submissions where no BW was obtained.

Letters of Comfort (where Building Warrant has expired)

Where work was carried out after June 2005 reference should be made to Late Applications for building warrant or completion certificates (if work is complete) under current legislation.



Section 89 Certificates (under the Licensing (Scotland) Act 1982 - Raised Platforms


Building Warrants

Almost all new building work from house extensions to a new roof light needs a building warrant and a completion certificate to make sure it is safe to use and fit for purpose.

The Scottish Government provides an up-to-date version of the Building Standards and Technical Handbooks for both domestic and non-domestic work.

If you are having construction or refurbishment work done, you may need to notify the Health and Safety Executive.

Paper applications

If you are unable to submit through and still require a paper application, you can download a printable application form from eBuilding Standards. Send completed application forms by post to eBuilding Standards, eProcessing centre, The Highland Council, Headquarters, Glenurquhart Road, Inverness, IV3 5NX for processing.

We do not accept paper application submissions at our area offices or service points. This also applies to additional or supporting documentation you may need to send to us in relation to existing planning applications.

Building Standards Section 50 Application

According to Section 50 of the Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005, a Building Standards certificate is required where the licence application is for a full Premises licence or the confirmation of a provisional license. An application for a Full and Provisional Licence will still require a Planning Certificate.

Use the application forms links below to apply for these certificates. There is a £71 fee to deliver this service. This must be made before submitting your application. Your application will not be considered until payment has been received.

You can apply for a Premises Licence from our Apply for a Licence – Liquor page.

Submitting additional information

If you have additional information you would like to provide in connection with an application already submitted, you can submit follow up documentation to us electronically using portal. When submitting further information, please select Additional Supporting Documents (ASD) option from the standard list of forms.

If the original application could not be made using, you can still use the ASD online form on the portal to submit follow up documents. You will be require to create an account and a proposal to submit your documents. Please ensure you include your Building Standards application reference number.

When submitting additional information:

  • Quote your original application reference number on any documents you send
  • Include a scale bar on all plans
  • Plans should be correctly named, for example, "elevation", "site plan", "floor plan"
  • Revised plans should use the original description and be correctly titled as such, drawing number followed by 'Rev A/B/C as appropriate' and include a date of the revision
  • The date you send any additional information should be clearly marked on plans

If you need to send us additional or supporting documentation but are unable to submit through the, please post your documents to eBuilding Standards, eProcessing centre, The Highland Council, Headquarters, Glenurquhart Road, Inverness, IV3 5NX for processing.

Please note - we do not accept paper application submissions at our area offices or service points.

Technical Support

If you have any technical difficulties when using:

  • ePlanning (
  • eBuilding Standards (
  • The Highland Council Public Access Site (

Please use this form to tell us about it.

To help resolve the problem, please include:

  • Screenshots of the issue (desirable) - paste into a word document and attach to the online form as they help us to resolve issues more quickly
  • A description of what you were trying to do on our site when the issue occurred (essential)
  • Date and time the issue occurred (essential)

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