West Highland and Islands Local Development Plan

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The timescales for preparing our development plans in Highland are under review due to staff working from home and also being redeployed. 

We will update this webpage with new information about these timescales as soon as possible.  In the interim, please contact the Development Plan Team via devplans@highland.gov.uk if you need planning policy advice or information further to that shown here.

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The West Highland and Islands Local Development Plan (abbreviated to WestPlan) is the third of three new area local development plans that, along with the Highland-wide Local Development Plan (HwLDP) and Supplementary Guidance form "the development plan" that guides future development in the Highlands.  WestPlan focuses on where development should and should not occur in the West Highland and Islands area over the next 20 years. The Plan area comprises Wester Ross, Skye and Lochalsh, Lochaber and a small, mountainous part of Badenoch.

Adoption of Plan

The WestPlan was formally adopted on 30th September 2019 following clearance from Scottish Ministers and published on 15 November 2019. 


Previous stages of the plan making process, including Call for Sites, Main Issues Report and Proposed Plan can be found in the History of the Plan section.

Implementing WestPlan

As WestPlan has been adopted the focus is now on implementing the Plan.  The WestPlan Delivery Programme sets out the infrastructure and development required to support the implementation of the Plan's vision, spatial strategy, policies and proposals.  Its purpose is to provide information for identifying, monitoring and implementing the actions for delivering future growth in the area.  It will be used to help identify which infrastructure projects will be subject to developer contributions requirements and as a tool for coordinating investment in development and infrastructure. 

We will continue to work with partners and relevant stakeholders to review and where appropriate amend the Delivery Programme as infrastructure is delivered, opportunities for new development are presented and as pressures change over time.  

Fort William 2040 (FW2040)

As part of the future delivery of WestPlan we have published the second iteration of the FW2040 project which is a key part of the Plan's Action Programme. This Project will help deliver a shared vision for the future of Fort William and Lochaber. 

Fort William Strategic Transport Study - pre-appraisal

A key background paper to the West Highland and Islands Local Development Plan, this report and its appendices establish evidence of transport problems and considers approaches to the future development of the transport network in Fort William.


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