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Volunteering provides many health benefits, for example:

  • Increased self esteem and confidence
  • A sense of purpose
  • It can help to combat depression
  • Helps you stay physically healthy
  • Helps to establish long relationships
  • It's good for your career
  • It's good for society

Volunteering stories:

  1. Volunteering changed my life around - Dougie's story
  2. Inverness voluntary transport scheme - Robert and Morag
  3. Inverness voluntary transport scheme - Would you like a lift?
  4. Volunteer led walks - Alness, Ross-shire
  5. Volunteer led walks - Broadford, Isle of Skye
  6. Volunteer led walks - Thurso, Caithness

Should I volunteer?

Find out more about the benefits of volunteering from NHS Choices.

Living it Up - Beginners Guide to Volunteering.

Local Community Groups

Local Community Groups operate in all Highland areas, if you are interested in a volunteering position that is not so regulated, contact your local councillor for information on what groups are available.

18-24 Year Old Age Group

Hi-hope is an online resource for young people interested in volunteering opportunities or thinking about taking a gap year volunteering.

Voluntary organisations

There are many different organisations that have volunteer positions available:

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