Climate Change Committee

Tasks and responsibilities

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The remit of the Climate Change Committee is to:

1. General

1.1 To provide advice and guidance on the climate, ecological and environmental  
sustainability agenda, and identify, support and champion climate and ecological progress across the Council whilst providing an appropriate level of critical challenge for the organisation.

2. Specific

2.1  Public Bodies Climate Reporting Duties - As set out in The Climate Change (Duties of Public Bodies: Reporting Requirements) (Scotland) Amendment Order 2020 including emissions baselining and monitoring.

2.2  Oversight, on the Net Zero Strategy, Action Plan and Programme, including setting and scrutiny of performance targets relating to the following Programme workstreams

  • Built Estate and Energy/Asset Management
  • Social Housing (HRA)
  • Fleet, Staff Travel 
  • Waste and Circular Economy
  • Procurement and Community Wealth Building
  • Planning, Land Use and Environment
  • Capital Programme
  • Net Zero Funding Strategy

2.3  Responses to external policies and consultations.

2.4  Policy considerations and project progress and achievements in relation to climate and environmental related matters such as Just Transition, Adaptation, Land Reform, Food Growing and Land Use, Biodiversity etc

2.5  To support and champion Highland’s high quality environment, air, land, water, food products and renewable energy resources to bring appropriate commercial opportunities, maximise income whilst raising awareness of the need to protect and enhance our critical environmental assets 

2.6 Review and monitoring of climate impact of Council policies. 

2.7  Oversight of internal and external communication and engagement, and partnership building in relation to climate change mitigation and adaptation. 

2.8  Promotion of Climate Change and Ecological issues and actions through the delivery of presentations at committee and oversight of development of internal and external facing events.

To consider and make recommendations to The Highland Council and / or any other appropriate strategic committee in relation to these matters, including any proposed changes or developments to Highland Council policy & strategy.

Further details of the terms of reference and the powers and duties delegated to the Committee are set out in the Council's Scheme of Delegation.