Black Isle and Easter Ross Area Committee

Tasks and responsibilities

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  • To appoint the Chair of the Local Committee, responsible for the running of the Committee and the management of its functions. To appoint a Civic Leader where appropriate.
  • To work with partners to achieve the effective promotion and future prosperity of the Area, facilitating opportunities for inward investment, regeneration and economic development of the Area.
  • To develop appropriate connections with, and ensure Council support for, the local Community Partnership for the area covered by the Local Committee.
  • To support implementation of the Council’s place-based approach to service design and delivery, including the involvement and participation of the community and to adopt any place plan as it relates to the area.
  • To scrutinise and monitor the local delivery of Council services, within approved resources and strategy.
  • To scrutinise the performance of, and engage with, Police Scotland and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.
  • To monitor the delivery of Council Capital Projects within the local area, as agreed within the Council’s Capital Programme.
  • To approve delegated local functions e.g. Road Traffic Orders; Road Construction Consents; and Upholding Access Rights such as Notices applying to various sections of Part 1 of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003.
  • To champion local initiatives which promote and support the traditional languages, heritage and culture of the Highlands.
  • To deal with requests for and make nominations/ appointments to local outside bodies not covered by the Council or Strategic Committees e.g. Local Access Forums. In the case of Local Access Forums, only where multiple nominations or appointments are necessary.
  • To agree methods and approaches for local community engagement and participation in relation to local resource prioritisation.
  • To ensure that all local decisions taken are within the terms of the legislation governing the work of the Council and the approved Scheme of Delegation to Committees and Officers and the Council’s Financial Regulation.
  • To adopt a participatory resourcing approach in order to support the greater involvement of communities in informing service design, delivery, priority setting and, where appropriate, deploying resources.
  • To consider and promote local initiatives which advance equality under the Equality Act and tackle socio-economic disadvantage.