Redesign of The Highland Council Board

Tasks and responsibilities

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At the Special Meeting of the Highland Council on 24 March 2016 it was agreed to establish a board of 16 Members to lead and oversee the re-design of The Highland Council. The board has listened to staff, partners, community bodies and our Citizens’ Panel. They concluded that redesign is about the council being more:

  • Open-minded to new ways of delivering services
  • Commercially-minded to sustain services and jobs across the region
  • Community-minded, listening locally, supporting more community action and targeting support where it is needed most

It is also also about recognising:

  • Staff are central to identifying change and making it happen. They are sources of local knowledge as well as experts in their area of work
  • We need to sustain good working relationships among Councillors and staff and with our partners so we can respond well to the challenges we and our communities face

Reports and reviews

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