Community Regeneration Funding

How to apply

Application Process

We are currently open for revenue and capital projects.  Please ensure you have read the who can apply pages before completing an application form. 

This round of CRF will be delivered via a single step application process. Any organisation or group wishing to apply can attend online drop in and information sessions ahead of submitting their application. This will be an opportunity to ask the CRF team any queries about eligibility of the projects seeking funding and any specific queries relating to the application form.

Application Information Documents

Applicants must provide copies of the supporting documents to accompany the application form.  Once received, the CRF team will carry out a detailed technical assessment and may contact you if there are any queries about your project.  Applicants will be advised of the date when full applications are being considered by the decision-making panel.      

Application forms must be submitted by 12 noon on Wednesday 17 July.

Please note the deadline for submitting valid quotes to evidence best value for money has been achieved and procurement guidelines have been adhered to is 12 noon on Wednesday 14 August.  If you are unable to secure valid quotes by 14 August your application will not progress to the decision stage.