Community Councils

Get involved

Community Councils meet a minimum of 6 times annually. You are free to attend your Community Council's regular public meetings. There will be an opportunity within the meeting for you to ask questions and make comments. 

An agenda detailing what will be discussed will be made available 7 days before each Community Council meeting. Minutes will be taken and these will be publicly available once approved.

You can become a member of your Community Council. Each Community Council must hold an election at least once every 4 years, giving new members the opportunity to join. There may also be interim elections if a Community Councillor has stepped down.

Anyone can become a member of their Community Council provided they are:

  • Over 16 years old
  • Live within the specified boundary
  • Are on the electoral register for that area

If you want to become a Community Councillor you can nominate yourself when there is an election. An election will not be held if the number of people nominated is less than the number of members allowed on the Community Council.

Each Community Council will have a core membership of 7 with 1 additional member for every 1000 people in the population, up to a maximum of 13 members.

For more information, please see scheme of establishment.