Community Councils

Information for Community Councils

For further information about these topics and others see our frequently asked questions about the role of community councils and the community council scheme.

For the latest news, events, and guidance see the Scottish Government Community Council Website

Scheme of Establishment

The Scheme of Establishment details the rules and regulations governing community councils, including elections, membership, and conduct at meetings.

Administrative Grant

The Highland Council provides each community council with an annual administrative grant to assist with operating cost.

Co-opted Members

If a vacancy arises, this can be filled by a co-opted member who is voted in by the community council. They have full voting rights, except when voting on new co-opted members. Only one third of the membership can be co-opted members, and they will serve until the next elections

Associate Members

Associate members may be voted in for a fixed time period to provide specific knowledge or skills. For example, to provide specialist information to help the community council make a decision. Associate members do not have to live in the area, cannot vote, and serve only for the allocated times

Contact Details

Social Media

For information regarding using social media see the guidance for social media do's and don’ts.

Recording of Meetings

See the guidance on recording of meetings for community councils own purposes and how to deal with any requests for recording of meetings.