Community Councils

Scheme review 2018/2019

The outcome of the 2018/19 review of the Scheme of Establishment for Community Councils in Highland is summarised in the following documents:

The process followed for the review was as follows:

Local Authorities must periodically review the Scheme of Establishment through which Community Councils in their area are created and governed. The process for review is set out in section 53 of the 1973 Local Government (Scotland) Act . The 2 stage process is:

  1. Following approval of proposals by no less than two-thirds of members, Community Councils and the public are asked to make representations
  2. We will then consider any representations and may amend The Scheme in accordance with the proposals and representations. If proposals are amended, further public notice and opportunity for comment will be given. Any final amendments require approval by no less than two-thirds of members.

Members agreed proposals to amend the Scheme at a Special Meeting of the Council in January. These proposals were subject to a three month public consultation from 1st of March 2019 to 31st of May 2019. The feedback was reviewed, assessed and discussed with the Community Council Steering Group and changes proposed as a result of the comments received. Read a summary of the feedback. These were considered at the Council meeting on 27 June 2019 and were agreed for a final phase of consultation.

The final period of consultation ran until 26 August 2019 and a Special Council meeting of Highland Council considered and agreed a new Scheme for Community Councils on 5 September 2019. This allowed for the new Scheme to be in place for the start of the election process on 23 September 2019.  

Feedback can be provided:

  • By email:
  • By post: Chief Executive’s Office, Highland Council, Glenurquhart Road, Inverness IV3 5NX