Ending your council tenancy

Before you move out

You must make sure that your rent and any other debt (for example, court expenses or recharges for repairs) is paid up to the end of your tenancy. 

You must also make sure you leave your property ready for the next tenant. Your property should meet the Empty Homes Standard.

We have produced an End of Tenancy Checklist for you to use to help you do all of the things you need to do before you leave your property. It will make sure you return your property to us in the correct condition. 

We will also contact you to arrange a suitable time for us to come and inspect your house before you move out. It is important that this inspection takes place as we can then discuss any problems.

You may be asked to carry out some repairs before you leave if there is any damage to the house, fittings or decoration that is not just fair wear and tear. This is to make sure your home meets the empty homes standard when it is returned to us. Then we can quickly let the property to a new tenant. 

If you do not carry out these repairs, or damage is identified after you leave, we will carry out the work and charge you for the cost of it.

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