Ending your council tenancy

Transferring to another council house

Normally we will only offer a transfer to another council house if your rent account is satisfactory, and your house and garden are in a clean and tidy condition.

We will inspect your house before we confirm an offer of another tenancy. What happens next will depend on the condition of your house. The offer may not be made or you may be asked to carry out some repairs before you leave if there is any damage to the house, fittings or decoration that is not just fair wear and tear. 

Once you have accepted an offer, you will be told what date the new tenancy will begin. The new tenancy may begin very soon after you have accepted the offer, as the 28 days notice on your home does not apply. All essential repairs will be done before the tenancy starts, however some minor repairs may be carried out after you move in. You will be told whether there are any repairs still to be done.

You must hand in the keys to your old house by noon on the next working day after the end of your old tenancy. If you hand them in later than this you will be charged rent on both houses at the same time. Benefit assistance for housing costs will not normally cover both rents.