Missed council rent payments

First reminder letter

We contact tenants as soon as a payment is missed. If your account is in debt (arrears) at the end of the week we will send you a reminder letter. If the debt is paid, or if you contact us and make an arrangement to pay, we will take no further action.

If you have difficulty reading the letters we send you, please let us know. We can contact you in person or send the letters to someone else who can act on your behalf.

Our aim is to help you pay your rent and to pay off any debt which has built up. We might advise changing how  and when you make payments, help you to claim benefits or find out if there are other ways in which you could increase your income. All advice is free and confidential.

If you have made an arrangement to repay your missed rent and you cannot keep up the instalments, contact us straight away. We may be able to renegotiate the instalment amount. If you just stop paying or pay less than the agreed amount, we will continue to take action against you.

Read our rent arrears policy

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