Missed council rent payments


If you do not offer to repay the missed rent, the Sheriff is likely to grant our request to evict you.

If you agree in court to repay the debt but then fail to keep to the instalment agreement, we will have to make the decision about whether or not to evict you. We will not usually evict you without speaking to you first. If we cannot contact you and you do not come to our offices for an interview, we will go ahead with the eviction.

If you are evicted for missed rent payments, you may be considered to have made yourself intentionally homeless. This means we will not have a duty to re-house you and you will have to find your own accommodation. If your new landlord requires a reference and you have given them permission to contact us, we will have to tell them about your debt.

Remember, the earlier you contact us, the smaller the debt will be and the easier it will be to work out a way to clear the debt. If you do get into debt, seek advice from us or an independent advice agency straight away.

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