20mph Programme

The ‘Scottish Government and Scottish Green Party Shared Policy Programme’ published on 1 September 2021 includes the commitment that all appropriate roads in built up areas will have a safer speed limit of 20mph by 2025.

This National Strategy for 20mph speed limits aims to expand 20mph speed limits across Scotland and ensure all appropriate roads in built-up areas have a safer speed limit of 20mph by 2025.

The strategy seeks to introduce a consistency for 20mph speed limits across the country, simplifying speed limits for drivers.

It seeks to reduce perceptions of road danger, encourage people to walk and wheel, and create more pleasant streets and neighbourhoods by providing a more equitable balance between different road users and will contribute to the implementation of the safe system.

Locations for the 20mph programme

You can find your location using our interactive map. Enter your location in the search bar at the top right of the map below. You can zoom into the location using the + or - buttons on the left of the map, double click on the map using a mouse, or pinch and zoom on smartphones or tablets. The red areas show the extent of each 20mph scheme.