Cairngorms National Park Authority Election

Elections are held every four years to elect 5 community representatives to serve on the Board of the Cairngorms National Park Authority. One community member will be elected for each of the 5 wards within the national park area.

Election of Board Members – 2023

Five community representatives have now been elected to serve on the board of The Cairngorms National Park Authority until 2027.

The successful candidates are as follows.

Please click on the ward link above to view the declaration of results.

You can watch the live count below which was streamed live on The Highland Council YouTube channel and our Twitter  (external link) and Facebook (external link) channels.

There was no poll to be held for Ward 2, as not more than one candidate was nominated, and by not later than 11am on the day of election (Thursday 23 March 2023),  has now been declared to be elected to the Cairngorms National Park Authority Board.

The Live Broadcast declaring Lauren MacCallum’s candidacy for Ward 2 can now be viewed below.

Election Expenses 

All candidates must submit their return of election expenses by no later than Thursday, 27 April 2023.

Questions or advice

Privacy statement for candidates - what we do with your information

Further information about the Cairngorms National Park Authority can be viewed on their website.

If you have any queries on the voting process, please contact the Election Helpline: