Local Place Plans

Local Place Plan Register

Local Place Plans prepared and submitted by communities in Highland and validated by The Highland Council according to the Scottish Government requirements for Local Place Plans are held on this register.

The proposals contained within a Local Place Plan are not assessed for their planning merit or deliverability at the point of registration. This will be done later as part of the evidence gathering for the new Local Development Plan.

How to view the register

In our directory, registered Local Place Plans are searchable by name and area.

In our map of Local Place Plans, registered plans are shown in green, while plan areas notified to us as being currently in progress are shown in orange.

Search for registered Local Place Plans

View the map of Local Place Plans

If you cannot access our website on your own device, the Local Place Plan register can be viewed on computers at various libraries and Service and Access Points throughout Highland.

How we use registered Local Place Plans

Local Place Plans can play a part in shaping the Local Development Plan for a region.

Once registered, Local Place Plans will be taken into account by us during the preparation of the new Local Development Plan and can be a material consideration when planning applications are being considered by the Planning Authority.

As part of our review of the evidence for the new Local Development Plan, we will show how elements in the registered Local Place Plans have been taken into account and why they have or have not been accepted.

Registered Local Place Plans are also available for members of the public from that community, and other communities, to see and learn from, and for other people, such as developers to take into account when they are planning development or considering land and property management in the area.

Removal of Local Place Plans from the register

Registered Local Place Plans will only be removed from the register if:

  • the community body that prepared the Local Place Plan requests that the Local Place Plan is removed from the register
  • the community body that prepared the Local Place Plan submits a subsequent Local Place Plan which the community body state is to replace or supersede the Local Place Plan