Inverness Strategy

The Inverness Strategy will help communicate what's happening in your City, when its happening and who is responsible. The Strategy is our shared vision for the future of the City. 

Taking a partnership approach across the public, private and community sectors, Inverness Strategy will confirm and clearly communicate partners' shared priorities and responsibilities for delivering development and investment. It will draw together recent projects and initiatives into a single, coordinated framework for everyone to work together to promote Inverness as the hub of economic, social and cultural activity in Highland. This overview of 'what's happening' and 'in the pipeline' will help make clear what projects are intended to deliver, when this looks likely to happen, and who is responsible. By bringing together what's happening across the City, Inverness Strategy also makes the case that the many recent and anticipated projects across the City build on one another to bring about a much bigger, collective vision. 

Improving the coordination, funding and delivery of existing and emerging plans, projects and workstreams, the Strategy will ensure Inverness and the City Centre, in particular, remain Highland's prime destination for those who live, work, visit and invest here.

The City of Inverness Area Committee approved the Inverness Strategy for public consultation which will launch here soon (anticipated to start in Autumn 2023).

Read the City of Inverness Area Committee Report

Latest updates: June 2023

Work is underway preparing materials and information for public engagement on workstreams central to the Inverness Strategy in Autumn 2023. Ahead of sharing work on the Inverness Strategy later this year, we are currently in discussion with partners across the public, private and community sectors to refine our approach and inform finalisation of the draft City Centre Master Plan

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